Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pro Tools woes, Logic 8 smoothness

I'm trying to migrate to my own hosted blog so I can integrate a website.  shhh.. don't tell blogger/google.  But I may still use it in the future.. 

Anyway, I'm working on commercial and promo video tracks using.. LOGIC Pro 8.  After finally getting a new rig together thanks to the M-Audio Lightbridge and outboard Focusrite pre's with converters, things are sounding great.  All of Logic's, stability, included instruments and plugins make it almost a no-brainer.  

But I've ween wanting to get back to Pro Tools, mostly out of habit, and I found the perfect interface.  The Lightbridge (cheapest- $360 -  was FL Music Co.) is the only unit that closes the gap between LE/M-Powered and HD.  32 I/O and no HD 10k + investment... wow!

That old Digi 001 is finally going up on Ebay and into the hands of someone who can use it.  Really with external pre's via ADAT lightpipe it should make a great cheap effective setup for someone with XP and the last version of tools (5. something) that works with it.  

Getting Pro Tools to work in Vista, even on my sweet MacBook Pro, has been a grand nightmare.  I've had to disable everything except plug and play and the M-Audio background software (not even sure if this is necessary).  This has made me further appreciate the ease and smoothness of Logic, which just worked immediately with no glitches, dropouts or overloads but which I've hated up until exactly a week ago since past versions were so clumsy. Finally with everything disabled (in msconfig) PT works.  But I wouldn't want to rely on it for clients in the room.

Waiting for the Trident 8t-16 hopefully.  No more summing in PT, and a real board with real knobs that do real things.  Counting down the days....

Monday, June 30, 2008

You Can't Fake Greatness

...Or buy it.  It takes real passion and determination.  And knowledge and courage.  It's not guitar hero.  It's not being connected, so connected that your success is bought with favors.  

It's embodying being truly great.  Believing in something through time and space to see it through to completion, whatever it is.