Monday, October 15, 2007

All Hype and NO Talent

You know, it really irks me- yeah I said "irks" when I stumble upon (not the site) some new indie band that's supposed to be musically interesting/amazing/incredible as raved about by several bloggeurs, and then I finally get a listen and they're complete garbage nowhere near the hype. More like miles from it, millions of miles. Terribly out of tune vocals, barely musical, with hardly passable musicianship- is that what we're reduced to nowadays? Major label acts use gratuitous auto-tune. Indie acts with the same lack of talent don't use it. What happened to people being talented...or at least able to sing and write? Is that really too much to ask? Is it?
Maybe I'm coming off as a hater, but you know what? I'm gonna hate with love. Yeah. So fans, whenever you read this, be it months from now or a year, just know that I promised you an album full of good music, and I delivered. Nuff said.


Jay Cam said...

lol ive been experiencing the opposite! songs ive heard have been slowly getting better

Jay Cam said...

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