Monday, January 3, 2011

Old School Vinyl Album Art

I was just going through some vinyl. I don't even have a record player at home- it's at the studio. But I realized something. Even just looking at the cover art- it was all so real. We're talking abut an analogous process here: light, film in camera, cut-outs, collages, more film, and printing. They accomplished all they needed with relatively simple machines and tools. But most of all, it was human ingenuity.
The realness shines through. At no point was anything taken through an A-D process, or an A-D-A process. No plug ins were used. No computer-aided tracing, drawing, smoothing, post-processing. No leaning on powerful fix-it-in-post tricks.

It all had to be better at the source. And even if it wasn't brilliant, at least it was real.

Maybe this is a case of work vs lazy or real vs fake.

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